Cooper River Bridge Run
The 2017 Cooper River Bridge Run will be held on Saturday, April 1 at 8 am.  This is the 40th year for the 10K run/walk.  A local tradition that stretches back to 1978, this 10K race draws close to 40,000 participants every year.  The race promotes continuous physical activity and a healthy lifestyle through education and opportunity.

Each year, the design contest to decide the poster and tee shirt image receives thousands of entries. This year’s winner is Charleston artist, Tate Nation.  Armed with an unorthodox arsenal of knives, dry brushes and assorted unconventional implements, Tate Nation paints in multiple layers of acrylics on canvas-covered wood panels, creating vibrant paintings that are drenched in texture. Tate’s non-traditional paintings are a lively medley of bold compositions, festive themes, and a vivid color palette influenced by Caribbean art. His design has also been made into a puzzle available for sale on his website,

Get fit and have fun at this year’s Cooper River Bridge Run.  The Finish Festival at Marion Square promises food, entertainment and fun for everyone.  For more information, or to register, visit, or call 843-856-1949.