Charleston Carifest is a Caribbean Carnival celebration in honor of Caribbean American Heritage Month. It is four days of food, fun, music, and costumes submerged in education and culture. This is the creative and artistic expression of Caribbean people, who invite you to join in and embrace unity and diversity.

Charleston Carifest 2020 recognizes the 350th year Charleston Caribbean Connection. In 1760, the ship that landed at Charles Towne Landing came from Barbados with planters and enslaved people seeking to find more land to colonize. From 1670 to 1710 all the enslaved people entering Charleston were transported from Bermuda, Antigua, Jamaica and Barbados.

Events are held each day at various locations in Charleston. The main event is Saturday, June 20, when the Carnival Street Parade begins at 4pm from King and John Streets. Locals are invited to purchase a costume and dance with one of the Mas Bands. The parade leads to the celebration in Carnival Village at Brittle Bank Park. Enjoy fun, food and live music.

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