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In this issue, read about the fascinating Mosquito Fleet, a group of boats that set sail every day to bring fresh seafood to the people of the Holy City. These small ramshackle boats were sailed by expert sea men with no modern guidance systems, powered by nothing more than oars and a sail.

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Cover Artist: Fish Restuarant, by Julia Deckman

Julia Deckman grew up in Annapolis, Maryland, raised and encouraged by her creative family. She fell in love with Charleston, when she attended the College of Charleston from 2003-2007 and decided to make it her home in 2012. Julia did not attend art school or major in the visual arts, and, as a result, is a largely self taught visual artist. The artist primarily works with oil paints and has a studio in Redux Contemporary Art Center. Julia is constantly inspired by light and color; bold, vibrant and organic is how she describes her artistic style. Julia aims to translate everyday instants into surprising moments of beauty.

To see more of Julia’s work, visit, her instagram at @byjdeckmanand her Facebook page, Julia Deckman Art.