Thank you for choosing Charleston Gateway for your vacation guide.  We are pleased to offer you the most comprehensive vacation guide available in our beautiful city. Be sure to pick up a copy of Charleston Map Guide as well! Our very cool smart phone app, “Discover Charleston,” is available on Google Play and iTunes, helping you find everything you need on the go.

Earthquakes are not something usually associated with the Holy City, but in 1886 a huge quake nearly destroyed our entire city.  Read about it in this issue – and look for earthquake bolts in the buildings you pass along our historic streets.

If you are in Charleston on August 21st, you have the opportunity to witness a once in a lifetime event – the Great American Eclipse! The area of totality includes Charleston and there are lots of events and activities to participate in while the sun is blocked by the moon’s passing. Check out a few of these in this issue.

Enjoy your visit to Historic Charleston. We hope you and your family will return to our beautiful city again and again.  Our website,, offers many more suggestions on what to see and do in our beautiful city.