While visiting the Holy City, a trip to the Charleston City Market is on nearly everyone’s list. Lowcountry Eclectic, a shop that creates beautiful, natural wood diffuser jewelry and accessories, is found in our iconic market several days a week and in the Night Market every Friday and Saturday from 7-10pm.

Diffuser jewelry is used for a variety of purposes depending on the chosen essential oil – from a natural insect repellent to a lovely and natural perfume.  Swarms of noseeums, small biting insects, were Amanda Esquivel’s inspiration for creating her first natural wood diffuser necklace. She recommends renewing your jewelry’s essential oil every 24 to 36 hours.  Heavier oils, such as cinnamon or clove, will require longer to diffuse out, and Amanda recommends a dedicated piece of jewelry for these oils.

The idea for this unique business came to the Esquivel family after moving to the Lowcountry from Texas to be with family. The couple’s children kept bringing beautiful branches that they found while exploring, and the innate loveliness of the wood begged for a second life in the form of a unique creation.

The wood is harvested by the family here in the Lowcountry and is never treated with any chemicals. All of the wood comes from land that is free from pesticides or herbicides. The wood circles vary, but are mainly Magnolia, Plum and numerous varieties of Oak and are harvested sustainably by selecting fallen branches and prunings made with the tree’s long term health in mind.

Amanda’s jewelry is also available online at https://lowcountryeclectic.com, and domestic shipping is always free.