Barbecue is as much a part of Southern Culture as grits, sweet tea and “y’all.” Each region has their own specialty: North Carolina and parts of South Carolina use a vinegar base, Memphis a dry rub on ribs, some regions of South Carolina also use a mustard-based sauce on pulled pork and the list goes on and on. One restaurant, Queology, has managed a variety of barbecue options without sacrificing its down home appeal.

Tucked inside an old church on Market Street, you’ll find Queology. I stopped in the other day for a quick bite to eat and was surprised to find so much more than I expected. It’s also one of just a handful of restaurants that specialize in barbecue in the downtown area.

As you enter, you’ll pass a few tables outside – one of the few outdoor eating options in Charleston’s historic district. Inside, the exposed brick walls, friendly staff and the scent of smoked pork welcome you with open arms. Its menu is simple but full of traditional and new creative options. Pulled pork tacos and sandwiches, chicken, ribs, wings and the most amazing macaroni and cheese you’ve ever tasted are just a few of the yummy treats.

Queology also serves unique cocktails with their very own pork infused liquors. Their Bloody Mary is unlike any I’ve tried before, and this is one of my favorite cocktails, so I like to think I’m something of an expert. What really sets this drink apart is the use of their pork infused vodka! Topped with corn on the cob, pickled okra, chicken and a jalapeno pepper — it’s practically a meal unto itself!
My neighbor at the bar wandered in off the street, beckoned by a sign promoting their one-of-a-kind Frito Pocket – a bag of Fritos packed full of pulled pork, cheese and slaw! What an unusual and tasty combination of flavors.

Queology has also been on national television competing aboard the Intrepid on BBQ Pit Wars. They even boast a competition team that has over 25 years of experience cooking Charleston’s best barbecue. When founders Russ and Matt decided to form Queology, they never dreamed that it would grow into an award-winning barbecue team and an acclaimed restaurant. Now, in addition to competing on a national level, they are catering exclusive events and running a successful restaurant.

For barbecue lovers of all sorts, Queology is a must for visitors and locals alike! Find them at 32 North Market Street downtown or give them a call at 843-580-2244.