One of the most delicious blessings of summer is the sun-ripened tomato. Local gardeners race to be the first to have a ripe, juicy harvest and willingly share their bounty with friends and neighbors. A paper bag with a few homegrown tomatoes, along with a cucumber or two, is a common and much-welcomed hostess gift at cookouts and summer suppers.

Ask most any native southerner their favorite way to eat tomatoes, and they will say “tomato sandwich.” We take our tomato sandwiches very seriously – and there is only one way to make them. You only need three ingredients – plus a little salt and pepper.

  • Tomatoes, ripened in the hot summer sun, still warm from the garden. Never put them in the refrigerator.
  • Mayonnaise, real, full-fat
  • Squishy, cheap white bread, like Wonder Bread

Slice your tomatoes and thickly spread mayonnaise on the bread. Put the sandwich together, adding salt and pepper to taste. Cut in half before eating. Use lots of napkins because the sticky, delicious tomato juice will run down your chin while you eat. Repeat until summer is over, and fresh tomatoes are only a tasty memory.