A note from Charleston Gateway’s new owner and publisher:

Thrilled you’re here and thanks for stopping by.

It’s said that putting face to name makes a more meaningful connection, and though I’m not necessarily camera-shy, this site is all about Charleston, not me. Still, business buddies told me to get over myself. Ugh. The hesitant hurdle is worth scrambling over, especially for the authentic connections I want to make with you all.

So after a semi-awkward photo session with the terrific photographer Paolo Ciccone (me the awkward one, him the patient pro), and with a deep breath I said, okay, let’s put a face here.

Instead of Paolo encouraging the usual, “Say cheese, smile!” he suggested I think about my Charleston memories, and places I love around the Lowcountry. I think it worked; I hope you see the sentimentality and passion I feel for sharing it all with you.

It isn’t just the love that brought me to Gateway though — I humbly share that I’m fairly well qualified to do what I do based on decades of marketing, publishing, writing, and travel experiences. Growing up in downtown Charleston, and the Old Village, also provides me with unique perspectives for Gateway’s content. Plus, my community connections facilitate terrific visibility and reach for our valued advertisers.

I live in the quiet historic neighborhood known as Harleston Village and count myself truly fortunate to be able to walk out the door, or ride my bike, to just about anywhere on the peninsula. When I’m not enjoying the various parks and neighborhoods or indulging in the ridiculously fantastic restaurants, I’m answering questions from tourists I meet around the Lowcountry and through social media, and researching content for Gateway’s print guides, website, and social media posts.

The majority of our content is written by local sources, or visitors who’ve been here, not by out of town folks who haven’t experienced what they write about. One of my top publishing goals is to protect Gateway’s reputation as the trusted source it’s been since 1955, giving residents and guests fresh, first-hand ideas for living in, and visiting Charleston: what to see and do, where to eat and shop, and even where to stay. If we haven’t experienced it, we don’t write about it. Period.

I’m elated to be Gateway’s owner and publisher and would love to hear from you. Introduce yourself via email, social messaging, or a phone call anytime; tell me what you want to see featured or share your favorite memories and experiences; query me with your writing or photography; ask me for ideas where to stay and eat; or just say hi – I love meeting new people.

Let’s celebrate all things Charleston together!

Emily Benedict