Since 1955 Charleston Gateway has circulated millions of digest sized magazines and map guides directly into the hands of visiting tourists, vacation homeowners, and residents.

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I truly enjoy sharing my hometown. From growing up behind Rainbow Row on Bedons Alley, to scampering around Mt Pleasant’s Old Village, and finally settling downtown in Harleston Village, the decades of memories and discoveries are meant to be shared. Add 67 years of archived Gateway content and there’s an ongoing supply of both new, and historical features to share.

Wouldn’t you like to peek back in time and read Mayor Joseph P. Riley’s congratulatory letter on our 50th anniversary? Or coverage from the first Spoleto when Gateway publisher’s were on the founding board? What about a 1966 feature on Gourmet Charleston? Gourmet in 1966? Now that’s a fun comparison to today’s gourmand heaven.

It’s easy to see why Gateway is Charleston’s one true legacy publication. Including your business alongside such content is an honor. After all, we wouldn’t exist for nearly 70 years without the support of folks just like you.

Your trust is invaluable. Let us show you how hard we’ll work to keep it.

Emily Benedict