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Lowcountry Eclectic

Lowcountry Eclectic is the original home of Wood Slice Diffuser Jewelry.  Handcrafted using locally sourced organic wood, our essential oil diffuser jewelry is the perfect way to take your aromatherapy with you all day!  Stop by and see us at the Night Market Friday and Saturday nights at the Charleston City Market to select your very own piece of the Lowcountry!

Our vision for LowcountryEclectic is for a shop that creates essentials and accessories for those who wish to be proactive in protecting and improving their health. One of our first creations (which we first designed and created long before we opened this business) was our leather cases for EOs, tinctures and other natural healthcare essentials. The innate loveliness of branches begged for a second life in the form of a unique creation and thus was born the idea to create our Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces, Bracelets and Rings; we’re proud to be the ORIGINAL home of the wood slice diffuser jewelry.

We like to keep the process organic both literally and figuratively. The wood is harvested by my family here in the Lowcountry and is never treated with any chemicals. We do all of the wood burning by hand to retain the authenticity of the the creative process and because we just like to work closely with nature.

All of the wood comes from land that is free from pesticides or herbicides. The wood circles vary, but we use mainly Magnolia, Plum and numerous varieties of Oak to create our diffusers. The wood is harvested sustainably by selecting fallen branches and prunings made with the tree’s long term health in mind.

Our Diffuser Jewelry and handmade leather EO cases have been very well received by the aromatherapy community and we are so excited to offer such useful and charming tools for a healthy lifestyle. In making the Diffuser Jewelry, we have the chance to give new purpose to the absolutely beautiful and staggeringly diverse array of fallen branches on this land that await a new role in creation.


188 Market St
Charleston, SC 29401

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