Timeless Lowcountry Discovery

The BEND: Preserving the Natural Beauty of the Lowcountry

Maybe you’ve read about The BEND and wondered what in the world it is? Set on the beautiful Ashley River in North Charleston, The BEND is a 20 acre property with green spaces, gorgeous trees and stunning river views. It’s bordered on the east by Riverfront Memorial Park Cemetery, the resting place of a congressman and a rock star, and Jenkin’s Children’s Institute on the west, famous for its internationally acclaimed children’s marching band.

The BEND’s history dates back to the 1600s to a series of land grants made by Lord Proprietors. For nearly 300 years, the land at The BEND of the historic Ashley River has gone by many names: Stock Prior, Quarter House, Accabee Plantation, Ryedale, Anna Brae, Malona, and more recently, Ashley Shores, a privately owned subdivision. A riverfront property made up of apartments and townhomes, Ashley Shores subdivision ultimately lay vacant for a number of years. In 2015, The Pearlstine Company made an offer on the land in order to rehabilitate it.

Today, The BEND is a 20-acre community redevelopment project led by owner and founder Susan Pearlstine of The Pearlstine Company. Along with its natural beauty, the property has a beautiful open air pavilion that houses events throughout the year including festivals, concerts, drive-in movies and more.

To learn more about The BEND and check for upcoming events, visit thebendcharleston.com, or find @thebendcharleston on social media.