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Four top tips for planning your vegan friendly wedding in Charleston

Organizing your special day is one of the biggest events most of us will ever take part in, and it can be daunting — especially a vegan friendly wedding. Whether you’re a die-hard long term vegan or just looking to serve vegan food at your Charleston wedding, there are lots of great options that don’t require sacrificing flavor and ambiance. With countless unique venues, delicious cuisine, and exotic botanicals, it’s no wonder so many brides and grooms choose Charleston as their destination for tying the knot.

Planning a vegan-friendly wedding in busy Charleston requires knowing how to navigate common pitfalls while keeping an eye out for hidden gems – which is why we’ve put together this list of our top four tips for planning your perfect vegan-friendly wedding in this amazing city.

Vegan friendly wedding planners
Details are what make your wedding day truly memorable; be sure all those special nuances are attended with an experienced wedding planner.

Hire a vegan friendly wedding planner

Planning your vegan friendly wedding can be a challenging and exciting time. But especially if you work full-time, you might find yourself trying to decide on table plans or gather information in the evening after a busy day, which quickly makes planning this special day a chore rather than something to be enjoyed. This is particularly true if you want a vegan wedding, since you’ll need to take time to vet suppliers to make sure they support your ethics.

Make it easier on yourself and hire a vegan friendly wedding planner. They’ll use their creative ideas and unique experience to ensure your special day is exactly what you envisioned, without compromising on any of your values. Plus, they have the know-how to get the best deals so you can save money to put towards other things like that honeymoon you’ve been dreaming of.

vegan friendly wedding food ideas
Consider colorful fruits for a dazzling display at your vegan friendly wedding.

Find an amazing vegan caterer

The food is an important part of any wedding celebration. From appetizers with your welcome drinks, to the main meal, you’ll want to ensure that all your food is suitable for your vegan requirements. It’s worth putting in the extra effort and research to find a vegan friendly wedding caterer that is confident in cooking plant-based meals – the last thing you want on your wedding day is generic, bland vegan food.

From delicious appetizers crafted with the finest plant-based ingredients to savory main courses and delightful desserts, vegan caterers will have your wedding guests raving about the food long after it’s over. Make sure that you try a sample menu before you confirm them as your supplier, so you can feel confident you’ve found the perfect option for your special day.

Vegan friendly wedding decor should match your vegan theme.
Ensure the decor matches your vegan friendly wedding ideals like these unique burlap wrapped chairs in a beachside setting. ©Tides Folly Beach Hotel

Choose cruelty-free wedding decorations and favors

When planning a wedding, couples have the unique opportunity to choose decorations and favors that stand for their values and express what they care about. As vegans, you’ll want to make sure you choose cruelty-free decorations and favors for your special day. Making an effort to purchase vegan or sustainable options from companies with ethical practices is a meaningful way to make sure no creature suffers in honor of your special vegan friendly wedding celebration.

There are so many beautiful choices these days that are not only animal-friendly but also stylish, modern and elegant. You’ll be able to find decorations that fit in with whatever theme or look you have envisioned for your wedding day while still making sure you’re doing the right thing. Remember, if your venue is providing any decorations, make sure to speak to them well ahead of time to ensure that they follow your vegan practices for their decorations too.

The best carriage tour in Charleston is from Old South Charleston Carriage Co.
Wedding guests will enjoy a charming and informative downtown Charleston tour atop a horse drawn carriage. ©Old South Carriage Co.

Think past the actual wedding day

You have a lot of control over your wedding menu, venue and decor, but the chances are you’ll be staying in Charleston for a few days on either side of your wedding. This means that you (and your guests) will need to find things to do, and, places to eat — don’t miss these brunches — that satisfy your preferences. If you’re not local to Charleston be sure to read up on the walkable historic neighborhoods, and of course eclectic souvenir shopping.

Do some preliminary research around the top tips for visiting a new place as a vegan, and pull together a few recommendations specific to the area to share with your vegan friendly wedding guests. It’s essential to make advance reservations in this gourmand foodie town, to make sure you get to eat at your chosen restaurants — like these local vegan favorites — and that everyone is happy!

Enjoy your vegan Charleston wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. If you want a unique vegan friendly wedding wedding that caters to all your needs, then Charleston may well be the place for you. Make sure to follow our top tips so that your special day is everything in your dreams.